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Legal Malpractice and Personal Injury in New Braunfels, San Antonio, Austin and Houston, Texas

At the law firm of Mark W. Long, Attorney at Law, we represent clients in cases of legal malpractice and personal injury law. With more than 30 years of legal experience, and being an attorney who is Board Certified - Personal Injury Trial Law - Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1989, Mr. Long has helped hundreds of clients find successful resolutions to their complex legal issues. He remains committed to achieving the goals of every client that our firm serves.

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Legal Malpractice
The term 'legal malpractice' refers to a lawyer's negligence or breach of duty that causes harm to his or her client. If it can be shown that the lawyer's acts were errors that no reasonable attorney would make, or were acts that were deliberately misleading; the client harmed by these acts may be able to recover compensation by filing a legal malpractice claim.
In the practice area of legal malpractice, we also represent clients in the specific areas of:



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Personal Injury
When an individual suffers an injury as the result of an accident or malpractice, they may be able to recover compensation for the injury and related expenses through a personal injury claim. Medical bills, lost wages and property damage can create financial hardships for the victims of personal injuries and attorney Mark W. Long has helped hundreds of clients obtain the compensation that they deserve.

In the area of personal injury, we represent clients who have suffered injuries as the result of:


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